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“When I first started planning my wedding it was very important to me that my dog be included in my big day, I knew he would not be allowed in the church so I had planned that he would attend the reception and be there for the photographs. After asking family members and friends, however, I could not find anyone willing to leave the event to collect him and then sacrifice their nice outfits to his fur and commit to scooping his poop. After I was let down by my friends and family, I turned to the internet for help thinking that surely there would be somebody offering this service… I was once again let down, and had to face the heart-breaking fact that he would not be able to go to my wedding. That was what led me to decide to found WedDogs NI- so that nobody else would have to suffer the sadness that I did just because they had nobody to provide an escort and supervision for their fur-baby, whether that just means transporting them there for photographs and then taking them home, or if it means caring for them for the whole duration of the event.”

We at WedDogs NI believe that dogs are just hairier family members, and that it should be possible for them to be included in any and all important events from birthdays to weddings. The staff at WedDogs NI are fully committed to providing top quality care for your dog during your wedding/event. We love dogs of all ages and sizes- we won’t exclude dogs just because they are large, hairy or old.

We are fully committed to helping your special day to run smoothly and will do everything that we can to reduce your stress or worry by taking on the care of your dog(s), we will stay by their side for the entire event from the moment that we pick them up to the moment that we drop them off at the end. Whereas guest’s attention will be focused mainly on you, ours will be focused on your dog(s) making sure that they are hydrated, entertained, cleaned up after and when needed we will try our uttermost to prevent them from jumping on guests and getting their nice outfits dirty. We are happy to be the ones getting hairy and cleaning up after your dogs because you shouldn’t have to sacrifice a special guest on your big day.


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